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Accessing America is now attainable with an investment of $800,000 through the EB-5 program. One of the most crucial steps in the EB-5 process is working with the right EB-5 consultant in ensuring that the requirements of this U.S. government immigration program are satisfied. EB-5 visa consultants play an important role in the EB-5 process as they assist families in collating the required documents, choosing a suitable project, and submitting their I-526 petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The American Legal Center is composed of a team of U.S. licensed lawyers and professionals with over a decade of experience in the EB-5 industry. Our team of knowledgeable EB-5 advisors is ready to assist and guide you in your immigration journey to the United States.

We have assisted over 100 families out of the Middle East and surrounding nations in applying for their U.S. Green Cards. With the exceptional background of our team coupled with the strong relationships we have been able to foster with top EB-5 industry players including regional centers in the U.S., we provide a one-stop shop for your EB-5 visa needs.

Our detail-oriented team of EB-5 visa consultants is able to swiftly review your personal and financial documents in preparation of your EB-5 application. Additionally, given our access to the best available EB-5 projects, we can help guide you in making a suitable investment. With our team of qualified EB-5 advisors, you can rest assured that your EB-5 application is in the right hands.

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One of our strengths in serving our diverse client base is our multilingual and multicultural team. Having a diverse team of EB-5 advisors allows us to better serve the needs of our clients.

For further details on our services and to find out how we can help you apply for your U.S. Green Card from Dubai, please feel free to give us a call at +971 800 2637422. To speak to our Farsi-speaking EB-5 consultant, you can call us at  +971 52 112 3786. You can also visit our office in Downtown Dubai or fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you shortly.